Metal Concentrate Technology

The YOUWAN method is patented concentrate technology which is developed for treating nickel in chemical nickel waste fluid and concentrate it into nickel sulfate concentrate,and can help you achieve:

• "Selective" concentrated metals

• Increase revenue

• Reduce risk

• Meet the requirements of recyclers, users and circular economy
Perfect concentrate and seperation:

• Water recovery rate, up to 99% (the highest in the world))
• Concentration of concentrate, up to 400 g/L (the highest in the world)
• The treated water can meet the discharge wastewater standard.
• Collect wanted substances selectively from wastewater and Discharge no wanted substances in the treated water.
• The inflow concentration of raw water is up to 60 g/L for replace the wastewater process
• One drop of water can be used up to 500 times

How does YOUWAN method concentrate metals?

YOUWAN method is a new generation of concentration method that combines ion exchange chromatography with water-saving method for cleaning resin.

To concentrate the substance what you wanted by the YOUWAN method, you must have “air-intake and drain step” to drain most of the wastewater and waste regenerant from the resin tower in the previous regeneration, and then use several “assistant drain step”. A small amount of water dissolves the wastewater and waste regenerant in the resin, and then discharges it with air to reduce the amount of water used to clean the resin. Then the regeneration wastewater is collected according to the concentration of the adsorbed substances, so that the rinsing water can be used in the next regeneration.

The best result is that in the process of resin regeneration, no rinsing wastewater will be discharged, only concentrated liquid will be produced.
The regeneration is done by the regenerate contains the adsorbed substances and regenerate that were collected in the previous regeneration. During the regeneration, collecting the low-concentration rinsing water to the rinsing water tank first, and then collecting the medium-concentration rinsing water to the regenerant tank, and finally collecting the highest concentration of concentrated liquid to the regenerant recovery tank.

The best result is that the concentrate capacity of the YOUWAN method can reach 1.5-2.5 times of the resin adsorption capacity (g/LR), which is approximately equivalent to the concentration of sludge.

Why do you need the YOUWAN method?
Economic Benefit

Transform useful substances in wastewater into profit-making opportunities

Turn the concentrated liquid into the raw material of the "recycler"

Improve infrastructure and diversify revenue streams

Reduce production costs and increase competitive advantage.

Multi-purpose applications of recycle, include:
- Reuse the manufacturing process on its own, instead of purchasing raw materials
- Hand it over to recyclers, and then make products for other manufacturers
- Exchange the items obtained with manufacturers in neighboring industrial areas

Running smoothly

Selectively concentrate the raw materials you want to reuse

Proven and commercialized technology

Fully automatic wastewater treatment process, reducing labor

Combine recycling equipment function with wastewater equipment’s function,

reducing maintenance fee Reduce waste sludge

High concentration efficiency, low energy consumption

Environmental benefits

Significantly reduce the amount of waste water and sludge

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Smaller carbon footprint

Reduce the development of water resources

Zero emission, zero risk

Application range of YOUWAN Method

Basically, If substance is in an "ionic form" and exists in a solvent (including organic solvents), the "YOUWAN Method" can adsorb and concentrate the substance you want.

Wastewater(W/W) Source Concentrate Treated
1.Heavy metal W/W Heavy Metal Concentrate No metal W/W
2.NH3-N W/W NH3-N Concentrate No NH3 W/W
3.Organic W/W Organic Concentrate No Organic W/W
4.Heavy metal in Acid/Base Heavy Metal Concentrate Acid/Base
5.Organic Waste Gas Organic Concentrate Clean Air
6.Fluoride W/W Fluoride Concentrate No Fluoride W/W
Dissolved oxygen water - No Oxygen Water
8.Arsenic W/W Arsenic Concentrate No Arsenic W/W
9.Cynide(CN-) W/W Cynide(CN-) Concentrate No Cynide W/W
10.Boron W/W Boron Concentrate No Boron W/W
11.City/Process Rinsing Water Salt Concentrate Pure Water
12.Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in Flue Gas Sulfide Concentrate Clean Flue Gas
13.Sulfur Oxides (SOx) in Flue Gas Sulfate Concentrate Clean Flue Gas
14.Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) in Flue Gas Nitrate Concentrate Clean Flue Gas
15.Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in Flue Gas Carbonate Concentrate Clean Flue Gas
16.Bicarbonate or Carbonate W/W Carbonate Concentrate Clean W/W
17.Radioactive W/W Radioactive Concentrate Pure Water
Can YOUWAN Method specify the ions I want to adsorb and to concentrate?

Yes, this is the most fascinating part of using YOUWAN technology, because most resins have an adsorption order, just select the appropriate resin and adsorption order, you can concentrate the ions you want. If you don't know how to choose, please contact YOUWAN.。

The mission of YOUWAN Method

In a circular economy, the most difficult part iscreating revenue」、achieving 「economic goals」、「meeting the requirements of recyclers.


The low-energy, low-cost technology of the YOUWAN method can help you overcome difficulties and create income for you, so that the chances of profit can be greatly increased.