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“YOUWAN method” is a reliable, low-cost, and commercially-available technology that can help you easily achieve "Perfect concentrate and seperation" and "zero discharge" of wastewater. .
YOUWAN is the only company
with a full range solution for concentrated use.
What is the "Perfect concentrate and separation" of wastewater?
Metal concentration system
Wastewater zero discharge system
Industrial process recycling system
Acid/Alkali Recovery System
Seawater desalination system
Organic wastewater treatment system
Automatic Control System
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Complete "The Last Mile of Water Treatment"

You have worked hard to meet the "Wastewater Discharge Standard"
Remove most of COD, SS, harmful metals, etc.
Of Course, you can go further to use the " YOUWAN Method" for
recovering water with recovery rate up to 99%.
removing all the salt in treating wastewater
So you can reach "zero discharge" with extra high concentrate ability.
"YOUWAN method" can help you achieve
Zero environmental risk
Zero sludge, no blocking
Reduce cost of production
Recycling usable materials such as water and metals
"YOUWAN Method" is the best water treatment technology for you to "get profit".
Revenue by Recycling
+1.8 USD / kg Cu
(ex. Recycling Copper)
(Note: Different wastewater has different benefits to earn, you must contact the experts of YOUWAN to confirm the possible benefits)
Concentrate by Low Energy Consumption
(KW‧h) / (kg Recycled Substance)
1. Need 1 or 2 time regenerations.
2. Exclude the control electric power.
3. Consumption of control electric power is 3.4 KW‧h / day
Introduction of copper recovery equipment with the highest concentrate factor in the world
(Perfect concentration and separation case)
Concentration capacity is 4-11 times higher than existing technology
Selective concentrate copper from wastewater
Raw water: 92 ppm Cu
Concentrate: 46 g/L Cu
Treated water: ND (<0.05 ppm)
Copper sulfate concentrate: it has recycling value.
Approximately "Using a drop of water for 500 times "
Location: Luzhu District, Taoyuan City
Industry: Copper metal parts manufacturing
Prophet: In the initial stage of setting up the factory, considering the stricter and stricter regulations on copper-containing wastewater, the "YOUWAN Method" was chosen to recover copper from wastewater.
Zero discharge: Even if the wastewater contains heavy metals, the "YOUWAN Method" can be achieved zero discharge by combining other physical and chemical methods.
Excluded: approved by the EPA, become a "water pollution source" exempted from listing
Labor saving: no need to set up "wastewater specialist", fully automatic operation
Publish the paper in Four Institute.
Society of Chemical Industry (GB)
The Chinese Institute of Environmental Engineering (TW)
The Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineering (TW)
The Chinese Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers (TW)
We has acquired patents from six countries including Germany, Britain, France, China, Japan and Taiwan
SGS Report
Concentrate Chemical nickel wastewater
(Ni content of 0.357 wt% nickel)
into nickel sulfate concentrate
(Nickel content 5.5 wt% Ni)
Concentration capacity is 15.4 times
YOUWAN Method can solve global challenges.
Circular Economy
Water shortage
Substance Recycle